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22:26Keith Eats Every Kind Of Dumpling
Keith Eats Every Kind Of Dumplingvisningar 1,2mn5 dagar sedan
12:39How I Fixed My Balding (One Year After Surgery)
16:02Keith Finds The Best Burger EVER
Keith Finds The Best Burger EVERvisningar 930tn11 dagar sedan
14:59Try Guys Try On Women's Thongs
Try Guys Try On Women's Thongsvisningar 1,4mn14 dagar sedan
19:49Can 4 Guys Beat A Professional Bowler?!
Can 4 Guys Beat A Professional Bowler?!visningar 1,9mn18 dagar sedan
31:52The Try Guys Make Dresses Without Instructions
15:14Try Guys & Friends Play Among Us
Try Guys & Friends Play Among Usvisningar 2mn25 dagar sedan
14:03Can 4 Guys Beat A Puzzle Master?!
Can 4 Guys Beat A Puzzle Master?!visningar 1,8mnMånad sedan
40:42Keith Eats Everything At Jack In The Box
Keith Eats Everything At Jack In The Boxvisningar 2,2mnMånad sedan
9:41The Try Guys Endorse Joe Biden For President
20:26Why You Should Vote This Year
Why You Should Vote This Yearvisningar 844tnMånad sedan
14:25Guys Try Sexy Video Game Halloween Costumes
10:55Eugene Becomes A K-Pop Dancer ft. Jessi
Eugene Becomes A K-Pop Dancer ft. Jessivisningar 2,4mnMånad sedan
18:54Try Guys Watch BTS Music Videos For The First Time
20:41The Try Guys RETRY Baking Cookies Without A Recipe
31:28The Try Guys Try To Make Pants Without Instructions
28:57Keith Eats Everything At Sonic
Keith Eats Everything At Sonicvisningar 3,2mn2 månader sedan
24:00Keith Eats Every Kind Of BBQ!
Keith Eats Every Kind Of BBQ!visningar 1,7mn2 månader sedan
18:18The Try Guys Recreate Awkward Elementary School Photos
14:33The Try Guys Shave Their Legs For The First Time
15:50The Try Guys Wear Women's Leggings For A Day
The Try Guys Wear Women's Leggings For A Dayvisningar 2,2mn2 månader sedan
22:03The Try Guys $3 Food Truck Challenge
The Try Guys $3 Food Truck Challengevisningar 1,9mn3 månader sedan
14:24Try Guys Try Not To Laugh Challenge Pt. 2
Try Guys Try Not To Laugh Challenge Pt. 2visningar 1,7mn3 månader sedan
14:41Zach Makes The Perfect Cup of Tea • The Launch!
14:42The Try Guys Vs. World's Smelliest Foods!
The Try Guys Vs. World's Smelliest Foods!visningar 1,5mn3 månader sedan
15:10Try Guys Try EXTREME Women's Swimsuits
Try Guys Try EXTREME Women's Swimsuitsvisningar 2,3mn3 månader sedan
24:24We Tried Making Rainbow Sushi Donuts
We Tried Making Rainbow Sushi Donutsvisningar 1,3mn3 månader sedan
24:10Try Guys $10,000 Death Nut Challenge
Try Guys $10,000 Death Nut Challengevisningar 2,9mn3 månader sedan
19:06The Try Guys Recreate Dramatic Twilight Scenes
The Try Guys Recreate Dramatic Twilight Scenesvisningar 1,8mn3 månader sedan
17:05The Try Guys Tiny Face Makeup Challenge
The Try Guys Tiny Face Makeup Challengevisningar 1,6mn3 månader sedan
22:21Try Guys Pancake Art Challenge ft. Collins Key
22:01Keith Eats Everything At Gus' Fried Chicken
Keith Eats Everything At Gus' Fried Chickenvisningar 1,7mn4 månader sedan
23:52The Try Wives ULTIMATE Trader Joe's Taste Test
The Try Wives ULTIMATE Trader Joe's Taste Testvisningar 1,7mn4 månader sedan
26:36The Try Guys RETRY Baking Pies Without A Recipe
33:27The Try Guys Make Star Wars Legos Without Instructions
20:44Surprising Our Partners With A Spa Day At Home
Surprising Our Partners With A Spa Day At Homevisningar 1,7mn4 månader sedan
14:04The Try Wives Take Over The Company For A Day
20:42The Try Guys Drunk Vs. High Math Test
The Try Guys Drunk Vs. High Math Testvisningar 3,1mn4 månader sedan
15:55The Try Guys Find Their Harry Potter Patronus
The Try Guys Find Their Harry Potter Patronusvisningar 1,7mn4 månader sedan
17:05Eugene Answers 36 Extremely Personal Questions
Eugene Answers 36 Extremely Personal Questionsvisningar 1,5mn5 månader sedan
16:10The Try Guys Ultimate Spicy Snacks Taste Test
The Try Guys Ultimate Spicy Snacks Taste Testvisningar 2,7mn5 månader sedan
46:22Keith Eats & Drinks Everything At Dunkin Donuts
16:22The Try Guys Surprise Ned With Mystery Gifts For Daddy
15:36New Logo Reveal! • The Tea
New Logo Reveal! • The Teavisningar 1,1mn5 månader sedan
22:27The Try Guys Photoshop Pranks Pt. 2 Worst Nightmares
25:49The Try Guys Find Out Their REAL Harry Potter Houses
13:20Try Guys Try The Ghost Pepper Challenge
Try Guys Try The Ghost Pepper Challengevisningar 1,5mn5 månader sedan
14:51The Try Guys High Bob Ross Paint Challenge
The Try Guys High Bob Ross Paint Challengevisningar 2,3mn5 månader sedan
10:45The Try Guys Try Sexy Future Job Costumes
The Try Guys Try Sexy Future Job Costumesvisningar 1,5mn5 månader sedan
18:46Keith’s 100 SPICY Wing Challenge ft. The Food Babies
17:12I Got A Six Pack In Six Weeks
I Got A Six Pack In Six Weeksvisningar 3,8mn5 månader sedan
16:45The Try Partners Mystery Box Cooking Challenge
The Try Partners Mystery Box Cooking Challengevisningar 3,4mn6 månader sedan
14:10Our Girlfriends & Wives CUT Our Hair
Our Girlfriends & Wives CUT Our Hairvisningar 2,9mn6 månader sedan
13:00Keith Gives The Try Guys A Sims Spa Day
Keith Gives The Try Guys A Sims Spa Dayvisningar 1mn6 månader sedan
31:26Keith Eats Everything At Popeye's & Raising Cane's
27:03Home-Cooked Vs. $55 Fancy Burger Meal
Home-Cooked Vs. $55 Fancy Burger Mealvisningar 1,9mn6 månader sedan
15:02The Try Guys Try FIRE Cupping
The Try Guys Try FIRE Cuppingvisningar 4,3mn6 månader sedan
29:44The Try Guys Photoshop Prank Battle
The Try Guys Photoshop Prank Battlevisningar 4,2mn6 månader sedan
22:56The Try Guys Try Fitness YouTuber Workouts
The Try Guys Try Fitness YouTuber Workoutsvisningar 2,4mn6 månader sedan
32:21Eugene Ranks Every Spice In His Kitchen Cabinet
24:56The Try Guys Recreate Met Gala Fashion
The Try Guys Recreate Met Gala Fashionvisningar 2,8mn6 månader sedan
27:39Eugene Vs. Ned // Keith Vs. Zach FULL FIGHT
Eugene Vs. Ned // Keith Vs. Zach FULL FIGHTvisningar 524tn6 månader sedan
26:39The Try Guys Try Boxing
The Try Guys Try Boxingvisningar 2mn7 månader sedan
16:58Ned Bakes Sourdough Bread For 14 Days
Ned Bakes Sourdough Bread For 14 Daysvisningar 1,4mn7 månader sedan
30:23Keith Eats Everything At Nando's PERi-PERi Chicken
19:58The Try Guys Replace Each Other
The Try Guys Replace Each Othervisningar 1,7mn7 månader sedan
21:36The Try Guys Korean FIRE Noodle Challenge
The Try Guys Korean FIRE Noodle Challengevisningar 5mn7 månader sedan
25:25The Try Guys Try Crocheting
The Try Guys Try Crochetingvisningar 2,6mn7 månader sedan
21:23The Try Guys Recreate Their Wives' Makeup Looks
25:39The Try Guys Build A Mini Golf Course At Home
The Try Guys Build A Mini Golf Course At Homevisningar 1,9mn7 månader sedan
14:52The Try Guys Drunk Vs. High Easter Egg Hunt
The Try Guys Drunk Vs. High Easter Egg Huntvisningar 3,5mn7 månader sedan
25:59Keith Reviews Every Trending Video On YouTube
Keith Reviews Every Trending Video On YouTubevisningar 1,4mn7 månader sedan
12:26I’m At Risk for Covid-19
I’m At Risk for Covid-19visningar 1,8mn7 månader sedan
18:19Oops, My Penis Was On The Internet
Oops, My Penis Was On The Internetvisningar 2,5mn7 månader sedan
31:03The Try Guys Mystery Box Home-Cooking Challenge
15:33The Try Guys Quarantine Update Day 14
The Try Guys Quarantine Update Day 14visningar 1,9mn8 månader sedan
20:01The Try Guys Shave Each Other's Faces
The Try Guys Shave Each Other's Facesvisningar 3mn8 månader sedan
14:58The Try Guys Learn Tai Chi
The Try Guys Learn Tai Chivisningar 1,5mn8 månader sedan
25:45The Try Guys Work From Home For 168 Hours
The Try Guys Work From Home For 168 Hoursvisningar 3,2mn8 månader sedan
20:10The Try Guys Try Extreme Korean Skincare Products
25:32The Try Guys Play Boink, Marry, Kill With Eugene's Mom
18:18The Try Guys Coronavirus Channel Update
The Try Guys Coronavirus Channel Updatevisningar 3mn8 månader sedan
16:13The Try Guys Get $775 Red Carpet Facials
The Try Guys Get $775 Red Carpet Facialsvisningar 7mn8 månader sedan
20:37The Try Guys Siblings Lie Detector Test
The Try Guys Siblings Lie Detector Testvisningar 4,5mn8 månader sedan
20:04The Try Guys EXTREME Spicy Noodle Challenge
The Try Guys EXTREME Spicy Noodle Challengevisningar 10mn8 månader sedan
25:12The Try Guys Transform Into Beauty YouTubers
32:06Eugene Ranks Every Popular Soda
Eugene Ranks Every Popular Sodavisningar 6mn8 månader sedan
18:59The Try Guys Read Mean & Thirsty YouTube Comments
15:17The Try Guys Recreate Awkward Middle School Photos


  • Ned is definitely my favorite in this video! 😂

  • P I E R O G I


  • funny enough that Keith mentioned dumplings looking like ears, the origin of dumplings were herbal medicine wrapped in an ear shaped dough to cure ppl for frostbites on their ears!!

  • scottish snacks. and drinks. Tunnocks tea cakes, highland toffee, lorne, haggis and Bucky.

  • my "friends" like this so i dont anymore

  • Ned was robbed a rightful victory! Ned, you can create my entire wardrobe!

  • not me only knowing about nandos because of niall horan 😳

  • corn D<

  • Alternate title: The Try Guys give the foot fetishist fans what they want

  • I want those dumpling now. But I live in Utah ;-;

  • Keith has obviously never had British Chinese takeaway where they will combine literally any meat in any combination

  • What an amazing wife you have. She is so strong, dedicated, and hardworking. The way she takes care of everyone and everything is just jaw dropping. Congrats man, you've got gold over there.

  • It's actually pronounced xiu mui or xiu mai just saying And also there is a reason why dumplings look like ears as there is a certain chinese legend about the creation of dumplings

  • I Love You Keith❤️

  • I Love You Keith❤️

  • Girls is always talented

  • 9:56 “This looks like it’s 2 sauces mixed together” it’s hot oil. Strictly Dumpling would be disappointed 😂

  • I Love You Keith ❤️

  • chinese green beans being vegan is not a given, there's often stealth pork (minced and seasoned, not usually "bacon"). edit: pork and corn dumplings are super common in Taiwan at least...

  • Me, a Canadian: "What the fuck is a munchkin?" *Keith shows donut holes* "OH- Tim Bits!."

  • Chicken Tikka Poutine, yes please. Get in my belly NOW!!

  • Eugene: **saying stuff about Ned** Me: who _is_ this guy? Eugene: **mentions baby** Me: _Wait a minute_ Eugene: **mentions wife** Me: it’s the guy who likes red and likes to bake bread! It’s the guy who got wed - he’s the man himself... *Ned!*

  • Dude if I get in Keith's state from these noodles I am more than willing to travel to LA just for them Way cheaper than other shite to get one there

  • My life has been so chaotic lately and my mental health has been through the absolute wringer but this content is a constant in my life and for that I am so ridiculously thankful

  • Eugene's mindset: look this may or may not be somewhat arousing and painful to me but I will keep up my pride and suffer in silence. Also hot dAmn this is good

  • Eugene is the only try guy that I don’t want to punch

  • The second new hairstyle looked like Kramer from seinfeld hahaha

  • I am very jealous but I can’t be mad nor jelly cause it’s Keith.

  • The vase behind really looks like a chili 🌶 turned upside down.

  • Man sounds drunk

  • i love guys i love this kind of videos about food mmmm yummy XD CAN U SHARE PLEASE LOL

  • You guys should do jollibee

  • Ned: plays it safe every time Zach: random ingredients for no reason Keith: MY FATHER DONALD HABERSBERGER -- Eugene: just a shit ton of alcohol and spice

  • I know this is off-topic, but what if you guys do a workout/fitness challenge for a few weeks and then share the transformation? Just like Ned did, but with ALL OF YOU.

  • Jade is an icon.

  • Have you shifted out keith?

  • i wonder which one of Keith or Mike Chen has the biggest stomach. Would be amazing to see them both on a food challenge hahaha

  • To Eugene's credit, he really does have an impeccable Resting Poker Face.

  • my guy you looked like you brewed your own kumboocha before the hair cut lol.


  • IM tots team luuisey

  • How did u drink milk tea with no tapioca??? Huh

  • "You look like Steve Jobs' hipster son." *Oh nice*

  • For amazing Indian food recipes plz Subscribe my channel I need all of ur supports

  • As an Asian their pronunciation made me laugh lol

  • They should rank races next

  • Keith's a soy boy.

  • Me, now a high school not giving a fuck about what people think I wear bc Ik I look good: 😌

  • 5am, now I crave's one of my favorite food discovery of the last years

  • PSA: If you want to support a restaurant, PLEASE ch eck to see if they deliver their own food! Third party delivery services often gouge the restaurants they deliver from. Thank you!

  • "I don't hate it, but I didn't plan it" Basically, my mom when I was born.

  • Honestly, props to Miles, Will and Sam for being a trooper 😆😊 I was expecting Jonathan to do it too lol hahahaha

  • Them eating white rice with nothing else 😅😅😅

  • Now that's what I call a job

  • I’m sure this question has been asked before, but how in the heck does keith have this good stature? I’m happy for him, just curious!

  • 8:32 - 8:39 Alright then

  • I love your hot sauce Keith it’s really good

  • 7:34 look to the left😂

  • 15:52 I actually read a myth about their resemblance to ears. During the cold winter months, people make drumpling soup to warm themselves and their frozen ears.

  • who else watching this in 2020 and yearning for such a food tour :/

  • Am I the only Asian that went nooooo that’s not how you do it when Keith didn’t put a straw into the milk tea and drank it straight 😂

  • Corn in the filling is quite common in Shanghai. We also do celery or 韭菜 (a kind of spring onion/chive) which makes it more flavorful. Cabbage is the most boring veggie to add.

  • I can attest. Giving up the anti-depressant/anxiety medication cold turkey is one of the hardest things I've gone through in my life. Hormones make it 10 times worse. Insomnia, paranoia, OCD, depression, towards the end of the pregnancy, i was losing about 5 pounds a week because the panic attacks started again. I was so happy when i reached the final month, and could take a low dose of Zoloft, again. The doctor actually insisted. That was definitely my LAST baby!

  • I want to try this at least once before I turn 40

  • Guys I found this video form looking up is noahj456 gay

  • 2:59 **eats a VEGAN dumpling** Keith: “I don’t know what kind of meat this is...”

  • when keith put the dumpling by his ear, the first thing i thought of was “hel-lobe” get it? lobe? like ear lobe? no? ok.

  • For anyone contemplating getting this procedure done>> 9:25

  • Holy crap, I watched that Drag Race episode yesterday.

  • zach's confidence is no longer so strong. I just came from the cake episode EDIT: oh god, and keith peaked here

  • Wow

  • I like shark Keith

  • Keith: talking about how weird it would be if there was such a thing as mini hotdogs in water packaged together(7:45) Me a Midwestern: lil smokies

  • you took 3 photos? classic zach :)

  • I love the sudden hit they got with the Mango ones

  • omg the kitty is so cute

  • Eugene doing this with paint cans which I assume at least have some paint in them. Eugene! You gotta stop making the others look bad! I mean they’re doing great but damn dude!

  • The gas pistacion is an underrated pun

  • Cant stop thinking. Why'd you stick your chopsticks standing up on your rice? That symbolizes for food for the dead.